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Full Name Sort descending Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension
La Conte, Robert A Communication System Operator Campus Safety Williams Center for Campus Community Safety 6911
Laboy, Chad J Dining Service Worker Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6139
LaBrake, Scott M Senior Lecturer Physics and Astronomy Science & Engineering Center N331 6053
Lagasse, Aaron J Sr. Structural Specialist Facilities Services - Structural/Trades Campus Operations Center 6181
Landolfo, Michael A Stationary Engineer Facilities Services - Plumbing/Heating Campus Operations Center 6181
LaPan, Jamie M Dining Service Specialist Dining Services - West College West College 6540
Lau, KamHa Dining Service Worker II Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051
Lauzon, Robert Professor Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 323 6723
Lawson, Melinda A Senior Lecturer History Lippman 105 8041
Lawson, Thomas W Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6139
Leach, Rachel E Digital Collections Librarian Schaffer Library Library 6277
Leavitt, Stephen C Professor/Chair Anthropology Lamont House 106 7172
Lefever, Joel A Visiting Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 218 E 218E
Legere, Renee B Admissions Support Associate Admissions
Admissions Operations
O'Brien Center for Collaborative Engagement 213 6582
Leifer, Gabriel E End User Support Analyst Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 141A 6949
Lentz, Drew Assistant Registrar - Degree Audit Registrar Silliman Hall 6016
Lesh, Kathryn Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 200B 8063
Levin, Michael E Athletic Facilities Specialist Athletic Department Achilles Center 111 6135
Lewin, Judith M Associate Professor/Chair English Karp Hall 113 6077
Lewis, Bradley G Professor Economics Lippman 220 6089
Li, Tui Administrative Assistant Modern Languages Karp Hall 120 6211
Lieu, Mai Dining Service Worker II Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6140
Lincer, Tina Associate Director of Communications & Marketing Office of Communications 69 Union Avenue 6976
Little, Joanne M Sr. Associate Director Athletic Department Alumni Gym 222 6433
Liu, Shou-Ping Director of Performance/Lecturer Music Taylor Music Center 222 8326
Lobe, Thomas Senior Lecturer Political Science Lippman 111 8740
LoGiudice, Kathleen Professor/Chair Biology Wold Center 125 6409
Lohnes, Julie C Director & Curator of Art Collections & Exhibitions Mandeville Gallery Library 212 8360
Longton, Patrick J Campus Executive Chef Dining Services - Office Reamer Campus Center 7070
Lorette, Megan I Dining Services Specialist Dining Services - West College West College 6540
Lovely, Colleen A Assistant Dean Admissions O'Brien Center for Collaborative Engagement 113 6125
Loya, Amy K Visiting Instructor Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Butterfield Hall 318 7017
Lucier Jr., Robert J Building Maintainer Facilities Services - Bldg Maintainers Campus Operations Center 6181
Lullo, Sheri A Associate Professor of Art History Visual Arts -Studio Visual Arts Building 306 8368
Lyford, Mary Advancement Information Services Specialist College Relations
Advancement Information Services
17 South Lane 204 6402
Lynes, Katherine R Associate Professor English Karp Hall 202 8768