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Full Name Sort descending Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension
Abdelgadir, Radia A Dining Service Worker Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6140
Abraham, Caroline E Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 224 6346
Achilie Cabeza, Katty M Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Campus Operations Center 6181
Adrian Jr., James C Professor Chemistry Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 287 6406
Agosta, Shirley A Office Coordinator Human Resources College Park Hall S103 6666
Ahmed, Saladdin Visiting Assistant Professor Political Science Karp Hall 221 7133
Albornoz Achilie, Dayra A Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Campus Operations Center 6181
Ali, Hessein M Visiting Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 218E 6873
Allan, Trevor M Dining Service Worker II Dining Services - Dutch Hollow
Dining Services - Upperclass
Reamer Campus Center 6140/6051
Almy, Lauren K Administrative Coordinator Athletic Department Alumni Gym 224 8040
Alvez, Andrew M Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs Campus Diversity & Inclusion Reamer Campus Center 6954
Amanuel, Samuel Associate Professor/Chair Physics and Astronomy Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 159 8020
Amodeo, Margaret M Coordinator, Kelly Adirondack Center Kelly Adirondack Center Kelly Adirondack Center 7000
Anderson, Ann M Agnes S. MacDonald Professor of Mechanical Engineering/
Director of Energy Studies
Mechanical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 200 6537
Anderson, Matthew W Assistant Professor Computer Science Steinmetz Hall 231 6848
Anderson-Bewersdorf, Marsha R Associate Vice President for Finance Finance 7166
Anderson-Hanley, Cay M Professor Psychology Butterfield Hall 304 6355
Andonie, Liz Life Science Technician Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 317 7125
Angley, Christine M Administrative Assistant Geosciences Olin Building 310 6770
Angrist, Michele P Stephen J & Diane K Ciesinski Dean of Faculty/VPAA Academic Affairs
Dean of the Faculty
Armand & Donald Feigenbaum Hall 104A 6102
Archambault, Wayne Office Assistant Dining Services - Office Reamer Campus Center 202 6009
Ardito, Christopher M Assistant Women's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 203 6501
Arket, Robert H Licensed Electrician Facilities Services - Electricians Campus Operations Center 6181
Aslakson, Kenneth R Associate Professor/Director of American Studies History Lippman 106 8794
Atkins, Joseph W Trolley Driver Campus Safety College Park Hall 6977
Atkins, Lara Director International Programs Old Chapel 3 rd Floor 6002
August, Joyce M Dining Service Worker Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051
Avramidis, Nikolitsa Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051