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Full Name Sort descending Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension
Gabelman, Daniel S Strength & Conditioning Coach Athletic Department Messa Rink at Achilles Center 000B 8371
Gagliardi, Carol L Operations Director Dining Services - Office Reamer Campus Center 202B 6487
Gajek-Leonard, Rylan J Visiting Assistant Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 108B 6122
Galeo, Lisa A Administrative Assistant Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering
Computer Science
Steinmetz Hall 210 6270
Gallagher, Shawna M Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving Volunteer Strategy College Relations
Annual Giving
Abbe Hall 307 8380
Galt, Laura K Assistant Director of Accommodative Services Accommodative Services Schaffer Library 217 8785
Garcelon, Reese Locksmith Facilities Services - Structural/Trades Facilities Services 132 6397
Garcia, Keila L Dining Service Worker Dining Services - West College West College 106 6540
Garcia, William Professor of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 219 6500
Garrand, Sara A Administrative Assistant Dean-Academic Departments/Programs F. W. Olin Center 210A 6056
Garrido Garcia, Dolores Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Karp Hall 118 6365
Garver, John I Professor Geosciences F. W. Olin Center 317 6517
Gasparovic, Ellen K Associate Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 107B 6192
Gaudin, Tammy L Dining Service Worker II Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 212 6139
Gazzarri, Tommaso Associate Professor Classics Lamont House 305 6389
Geel, Bo Pedersen Director of Donor Relations College Relations
Donor Relations
Abbe Carriage House 203 6532
Geer, Debra S Sr. Director of Advancement Communications & Donor Relations College Relations
Donor Relations
Abbe Carriage House 203 6749
George, Kenneth R Web Director, Communications Communications & Marketing Silliman Hall 304 6432
Geraty Branch, Mike Communication System Operator/Officer Campus Safety Williams Center for Campus Community Safety 105 6911
Geren, Christine M Administrative Assistant Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 319 6241
Gergich, Timothy J Director of Research College Relations
Abbe Hall 111 8058
Ghaly, Ashraf Carl B Jansen Professor of Engineering/
Director of Engineering
Civil Engineering F. W. Olin Center 102D 6515
Giemza, Mark F Senior Systems Administrator Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 132 6654
Gillikin, David P Professor/Chair Geosciences F. W. Olin Center 315 6679
Glasser, David G Director of Enrollment & Operations Admissions
Admissions Operations
Grant Hall (admissions) & O'Brien 74 Center 210 6561
Gleason, Colin L Assistant Professor Physics and Astronomy Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 133 6254
Glickman, Ross B Assistant Controller Financial Services McKean House 301 6463
Gmelch, George Professor Anthropology Remote Work REMOT
Gmelch, Sharon B Professor Anthropology Remote Work REMOT
Goberdhan, Rita Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 124 6181
Goberdhan, Shrimattie CLEANER Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 124 6181
Godino, Marcel D Assistant Coach Men's Lacrosse Athletic Department Alumni Gym 227 6020
Goldner, Melinda A Professor Sociology Lippman Hall 217 6725
Golebiewski, Matthew S Processing & Records Management Librarian/Asst Librarian I Schaffer Library Schaffer Library 337 6871
Gopaul, Seerannie Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 124 6181
Gorski, Stan Technology Coordinator Mechanical Engineering Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 217 6324
Gowan, Christen R Director of Digital & Content Strategies Communications & Marketing Silliman Hall 303 6748
Granberg Jr., Ron Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Rathskeller Old Chapel, Rathskeller 004 6124
Gray, Emma Admissions Counselor Admissions Grant Hall (admissions) & O'Brien 74 Center 213 6590
Greklek, Sarah B Administrative Assistant Dean of Students
Class Deans
Reamer Campus Center 303 8060
Guerrant, Marlow J Visiting Assistant Professor Psychology
Gender, Sexuality & Women's St
Lippman Hall 119 6782
Guerrero Ludena, Soledad M Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 124 6181
Guider, Ryan T Officer Campus Safety 6911
Guidi, Pam Executive Assistant to the President President's Office Feigenbaum Hall 210 6101