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Full Name Sort descending Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension
Sacco, Albert L Assistant Registrar - Registration Registrar Silliman Hall 103 6015
Sagaille, Jeremy W Assistant Swimming & Diving Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 6331
Saidam, Rami A Dining Service Specialist Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6139
Salisbury, Debra A Dining Service Worker Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051
Salvo, Jill L Associate Professor of Biology Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 333 6434
Samet, Robert Associate Professor Anthropology Lamont House 306 6299
Sanabria, Raymond Dining Service Worker Dining Services - West College West College 6540
Sandoval, Sonia I Learning Experience Designer Learning Design and Digital Innovation Steinmetz Hall 110 6148
Sartiaux, Audrey N Director Language Center
Modern Languages
Library 217 6216
Scalzetto III, John A Boiler Monitor Facilities Services - Plumbing/Heating Campus Operations Center 6181
Scalzetto, John A Plumber/Steamfitter Facilities Services - Plumbing/Heating Campus Operations Center 6185
Schabes, Brandon K Lecturer Chemistry Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 6459
Schatz, Aileen M Director of First Year Experience Dean of Students
Scheiter, Krisanna M Associate Professor of Philosophy/Chair Philosophy Lamont House 307 6380
Schinnerer, Sylvia L Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Waitstaff Hale House 6050
Schlegel, Len Director of Institutional Research Institutional Research Silliman Hall 305 6607
Schmidt, Sarah L Director of Special Collections & Archives/Librarian Schaffer Library Library 6616
Schmidt, Shelton S Chauncey H. Winters Professor of Economic Thought Economics Lippman 218 6218
Schmidt, Stephen J Kenneth B Sharpe Professor Economics Lippman 209 6078
Schurick, Aimee K Advancement Information Services Specialist College Relations
Advancement Information Services
17 South Lane 202 6370
Schurick, Kathleen J Dean of First-Year Students Dean of Students
Class Deans
Reamer Campus Center 306C 6061
Sciba, Joshua J Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 202 6771
Scoville, Shawna M Associate Director, Affinity Programs College Relations
Annual Giving
Abbe Hall 307 8380
Sealy, Dashoun T Dining Service Worker Dining Services - Rathskeller Rathskeller 6124
Seber, Beth Assistant Director of Research College Relations
Notary Public
Carriage House 202 6138
Secore, Jonathan E Building Maintainer Facilities Services - Bldg Maintainers Campus Operations Center 6181
Sener, Fuat Professor Economics Lippman 119 7093
Senneca, Christopher M Laboratory Specialist Chemistry Olin Building 202A 6980
Seri, Guillermina S Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 113 6738
Sheehan, John T Machinist/Technician Physics and Astronomy Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 131 6347
Sheldon, Patricia House Manager President's Residence President's House 6115
Sheridan, Steven C Athletic Communications Director Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL157 6170
Shinebarger, Shelly Director of Student Support Services Disability Srvcs & International Advising Reamer Campus Center 303C 8785
Silverio, Vince Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Campus Operations Center 6181
Simeoli, Mary F Title IX Coordinator President's Office Reamer Campus Center 403E 6865
Sindoni, David J Senior End User Support Analyst Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 121 8033
Singh, Serogeni Dining Services Lead Dining Services - College Park College Park Hall 7141
Slater, Jason Sr Associate Director, Web Communications Office of Communications 69 Union Avenue
Smalls, Warren Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Campus Operations Center 6181
Smith, David E HVAC Systems Technician Facilities Services - Electricians Campus Operations Center 6181
Smith, Jordan F Edward E. Hale, Jr., Professor of English English Karp Hall 205 6573
Smith, Timothy G Supervisor - Cleaners Facilities Services - Cleaners Campus Operations Center 6181
Snyder, David L Expeditor Facilities Services - Office Campus Operations Center 6181
Snyder, Denise M Director of Learning Technologies & Environments Learning Design and Digital Innovation Steinmetz Hall 108B 6661
Solomon, Virginia L Manager of Learning Design & Digital Innovation Support Learning Design and Digital Innovation Steinmetz Hall 109 6550
Sommers, Julie A Housekeeper President's Residence President's House 6775
Song, Younghwan Professor Economics Lippman 121 8043
Soules, Bob Director Career Center Stanley Becker Career Center 6176
Soules, Patricia C Administrative Assistant Health Center
Counseling Center
Wicker Wellness Center 6120/6161
Spinelli, John M Professor Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 221 6307