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Full Name Title Department Office Location Room Sort descending Phone Extension
Belmont, Cole M Director of Makerspace Consortium Academic Affairs Olin Building 102C 7163
Ghaly, Ashraf Carl B Jansen Professor of Engineering/
Director of Engineering
Engineering Department Olin Building 102D 6515
Kuersteiner, Sarina C Assistant Professor History Lippman 103 6220
Cruz Tleugabulova, Maite Assistant Professor Philosophy Lamont House 103
Rodriguez, Arlette D Assistant Registrar Registrar Silliman Hall 103 6016
Famulare, Nick Sr Principal Gifts Officer College Relations
Principal Gifts
Carriage House 103 6466
Feffer, Andrew Professor/Co-Director of Film Studies History 36 Union Avenue 103 6787
Orellana, Fernando D Associate Professor Visual Arts Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 104 6473
Murphy, Jillmarie William D. Williams Professor
Director of Interdisciplinary Programs
English Karp Hall 104 8796
Raeburn, Kaywana H Feigenbaum Assistant Professor of Behavioral Economics Economics Lippman 104 6879
Angrist, Michele P Stephen J & Diane K Ciesinski Dean of Faculty/VPAA Academic Affairs
Dean of the Faculty
Armand & Donald Feigenbaum Hall 104A 6102
Donato, Greta J Director of Academic Planning & Finance Academic Affairs Armand & Donald Feigenbaum Hall 104B 6033
Bush, Lindsay C Instructional Services Librarian/Assistant Librarian II Schaffer Library Library 105 6612
Rodriguez, Zachary Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 105
Castillo, Vernon M Sr. Associate Dean of Admissions Admissions Grant Hall 106 8719
Aslakson, Kenneth R Associate Professor/Director of American Studies History Lippman 106 8794
Pelish, Leahanna J Administrative Assistant Anthropology
Religious Studies
Lamont House 106 6715/6376
Bracken, Claire M Associate Professor English Karp Hall 106 8746
Moshier, Albert E Groundsperson Athletic Department Alumni Gym 107 6549
McAuliffe, Shena M John MacArthur Assistant Professor English Karp Hall 107 7042
Leavitt, Stephen C Professor Anthropology Lamont House 107 7172
D'Amario, Valerie K Director Lifelong Learning (UCALL) 36 Union Avenue 107 6675
Cidam, Cigdem Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 107 6709
Maitoza, Kathryn L Assistant to the VP for Admissions, Financial Aid & Enrollment Admissions
Admissions Operations
Grant Hall 107 6580
Hays, Kelli-Anne Administrative Assistant - Hockey Athletic Department Achilles Center 107 6288
Yu, Kesheng Sr Learning Technology Consultant Learning Design and Digital Innovation Steinmetz Hall 107 6767
Johnson, Brenda Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 107A 6162
Gasparovic, Ellen K Associate Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 107B 6192
Tonnesen-Friedman, Christina W Marie Louise Bailey
Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Bailey Hall 107C 8064
Friedman, Paul D Senior Lecturer Mathematics Bailey Hall 107D 6526
Mitchell, Jen Associate Professor of English
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
New York Six Mellon Academic Leadership Fellow
English Karp Hall 108 6815
Morris, Andrew J Associate Professor History Lippman 108 8030
Harlan, Robert W Engineering Lab Technician Engineering Machine Lab Engineering Lab 108 6269
Malatesta, Matt Vice President for Admissions, Financial Aid and Enrollment Admissions
Financial Aid
Grant Hall 108 6026
Nardelli, Laura C Head Coach Track & Field & Cross Country Athletic Department Field House 108 8014
Brinker, Brianne Assistant Director of Athletics-Facilities Athletic Department Achilles Center 108 8365
Strohecker, James J Assistant Director of Learning Environments Information Technology Services Steinmetz Hall 108A 6750
De Andrade Mariano, Phanuel Assistant Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 108A 6972
Snyder, Denise M Director of Learning Design and Digital Innovation Learning Design and Digital Innovation Steinmetz Hall 108B 6661
Gajek-Leonard, Rylan J Visiting Assistant Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 108B
Hoerl, Roger W Donald C. Brate '45-Stanley G. Peschel '52 Associate Professor
of Statistics
Mathematics Bailey Hall 108C 6575
Solomon, Virginia L Manager of Learning Design & Digital Innovation Support Learning Design and Digital Innovation Steinmetz Hall 109 6550
Madancy, Joyce Professor History Lippman 109 6221
Pease, Anastasia G Senior Lecturer English Karp Hall 109 6628
Ronan, John M Assistant Men's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 109 6504
Ropitzky, James M Occupational Health & Safety Manager Environmental Health & Safety Butterfield Hall 109 8007
Childs Jr., Lennie Assistant Men's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 109 6571
Belz, Brittney K Senior Lecturer/Costumer/
Interim Chair
Theater & Dance Henle Dance Pavilion 109A 6757
Sandoval, Sonia I Learning Experience Designer Learning Design and Digital Innovation Steinmetz Hall 110 6148
Bruno, A. Sabrina Assistant to the Directors Health Professions Olin Building 110 6300