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Full Name Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension Sort ascending
Mahar, Daniel J Assistant Director, Networking & Telecommunications Information Technology Services Steinmetz Hall 100 8050
Song, Younghwan Professor Economics Lippman 121 8043
Almy, Lauren K Administrative Coordinator Athletic Department Alumni Gym 224 8040
Davenport, Margaret C Assistant Mens & Womens Swimming Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 8039
Lydon, Nicholas A Diving Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 8039
Chamberlain, Molly M Head Coach Men and Women's Swimming & Diving
Aquatics Director
Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 8039
Cox, Lorraine M Associate Professor of Art History/Chair Visual Arts Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 310 8038
Sindoni, David J Senior Client Services Support Analyst Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 121 8033
Morris, Andrew J Associate Professor History Lippman 108 8030
Kuhn, Bernhard H Associate Professor English Karp Hall 213 8029
Hedrick, James N Senior Lecturer Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 206 8027
Mound, Paul D Head Baseball Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL152 8025
Bowman, Brian R Assistant Director Athletics-Business Operations/
Head Tennis Coach
Athletic Department Alumni Gym 321 8024
Henseler, Christine Professor of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 203 8021
Amanuel, Samuel Associate Professor Physics and Astronomy Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 121 8020
Cohen, Brian D Senior Lecturer/Co-Director of Biochemistry Biology Wold Center 220 8018
Dvorak, Tomas David and Beverly Yunich
Professor of Business Ethics
Economics Lippman 215 8016
Manon, Matthew R Lecturer Geosciences Olin Building 312 8015
Nardelli, Laura C Head Coach Track & Field & Cross Country Athletic Department Field House 108 8014
Ndiaye, Cheikh M Associate Professor of French Modern Languages Karp Hall 211 8013
Bova, Jerry Fire Safety Compliance Officer Environmental Health & Safety Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 183B 8009
Ropitzky, James M Occupational Health & Safety Manager Environmental Health & Safety Butterfield Hall 109 8007
Hwang, Ami J Coordinator of International Student Services Dean of Students Reamer Campus Center 303A 8003
Vedad, Jayson D Lecturer & Instrumentation Specialist Chemistry Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 263 7193
Commito, Angela R Senior Lecturer Classics Lamont House 308 7186
Johnson, Daniel P Security & Safety Systems Technician Campus Safety College Park Hall B110 7173
Leavitt, Stephen C Professor Anthropology Lamont House 107 7172
McNeil, Rachel M Sr. Assistant Dean Admissions Grant Hall 114 7168
Anderson-Bewersdorf, Marsha R Associate Vice President for Finance Finance 7166
Forget, Miriam L Sr Financial Planning Analyst Finance 17 South Lane 7165
Chandler, Christopher E Assistant Professor Music Taylor Music Center 208 7164
Belmont, Cole M Director of Makerspace Consortium Academic Affairs Olin Building 102C 7163
Zuckerman, Derek J Dean of the Class of 2024 Dean of Students
Class Deans
Reamer Campus Center 307 7157
Quirk, Ariel B Administrative Assistant Dean of Studies
Class Deans
Reamer Campus Center 307 7155
Novaro Jr., Joseph Procurement Associate Financial Services McKean House 7142
Jean Pierre, Morisson Dining Service Worker II Dining Services - College Park College Park Hall 7141
Jock, Heath A Dining Service Specialist Dining Services - College Park College Park Hall 7141
Bailor, Jason K Dining Service Lead Dining Services - College Park College Park Hall 7141
Singh, Serogeni Dining Services Lead Dining Services - College Park College Park Hall 7141
Duque, Danny A Project Manager Facilities Services - Office Campus Operations Center 110B 7136
Pulvirent, Gwen F Director of Employee Relations Human Resources College Park Hall S106 7135
Flinker, Alexa S Assistant Director College Relations
Annual Giving
Abbe Hall 7134
Ahmed, Saladdin Visiting Assistant Professor Political Science Karp Hall 221 7133
McGrath, Elena C Assistant Professor History Lippman 110 7127
Andonie, Liz Life Science Technician Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 317 7125
Tyler, Laurie A Professor Chemistry Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 285 7123
Connors, Michelle M Head Softball Coach/Asst Equip Manager Athletic Department Alumni Gym 315 7120
Casper, Ginny Assistant Director International Programs
Notary Public
Old Chapel 309 7118
Heath, Damond M Sr Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement
Director of DEIB Initiatives
College Relations
Alumni & Parent Engagement
Abbe Hall 212 7115
Foroughi, Andrea R Associate Professor/Chair History Lippman 116 7109