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Full Name Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension Sort descending
Commito, Angela R Senior Lecturer Classics Lamont House 308 7186
Vedad, Jayson D Lecturer & Instrumentation Specialist Chemistry Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 263 7193
Hwang, Ami J Coordinator of International Student Services Dean of Students Reamer Campus Center 303A 8003
Ropitzky, James M Occupational Health & Safety Manager Environmental Health & Safety Butterfield Hall 109 8007
Bova, Jerry Fire Safety Compliance Officer Environmental Health & Safety Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 183B 8009
Ndiaye, Cheikh M Associate Professor of French Modern Languages Karp Hall 211 8013
Nardelli, Laura C Head Coach Track & Field & Cross Country Athletic Department Field House 108 8014
Manon, Matthew R Lecturer Geosciences Olin Building 312 8015
Dvorak, Tomas David and Beverly Yunich
Professor of Business Ethics
Economics Lippman 215 8016
Cohen, Brian D Senior Lecturer/Co-Director of Biochemistry Biology Wold Center 220 8018
Amanuel, Samuel Associate Professor Physics and Astronomy Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 121 8020
Henseler, Christine Professor of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 203 8021
Bowman, Brian R Assistant Director Athletics-Business Operations/
Head Tennis Coach
Athletic Department Alumni Gym 321 8024
Mound, Paul D Head Baseball Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL152 8025
Hedrick, James N Senior Lecturer Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 206 8027
Kuhn, Bernhard H Associate Professor English Karp Hall 213 8029
Morris, Andrew J Associate Professor History Lippman 108 8030
Sindoni, David J Senior Client Services Support Analyst Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 121 8033
Cox, Lorraine M Associate Professor of Art History/Chair Visual Arts Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 310 8038
Davenport, Margaret C Assistant Mens & Womens Swimming Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 8039
Lydon, Nicholas A Diving Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 8039
Chamberlain, Molly M Head Coach Men and Women's Swimming & Diving
Aquatics Director
Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 8039
Almy, Lauren K Administrative Coordinator Athletic Department Alumni Gym 224 8040
Song, Younghwan Professor Economics Lippman 121 8043
Mahar, Daniel J Assistant Director, Networking & Telecommunications Information Technology Services Steinmetz Hall 100 8050
Cass, Aaron G Associate Professor Computer Science Steinmetz Hall 220 8051
Orzel, Chad R Associate Professor of Physics/Chair
Director of Undergraduate Research
Physics and Astronomy Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 111B 8053
Ricci Bell, Michele D Associate Professor of German/Chair Modern Languages Karp Hall 215 8057
Gergich, Timothy J Director of Research College Relations
Carriage House 204 8058
Olinsky, Robin M Class Dean for the Class of 2023 &
Director of Minerva Fellows Program
Dean of Students
Class Deans
Reamer Campus Center 303 8060
Lesh, Kathryn Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 200B 8063
Tonnesen-Friedman, Christina W Marie Louise Bailey
Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics Bailey Hall 107C 8064
Hill Butler Ph.D., Deidre Associate Professor Sociology Lippman 206 8070
Mannarino, Deborah J Sr Systems Analyst Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 122 8073
Milioto Matsue, Jennifer Chair of Music/Professor/Director of World Musics Music Taylor Music Center 201 8075
Khatami, Leila Professor/Chair Mathematics Bailey Hall 200A 8078
Liu, Shou-Ping Director of Performance/Lecturer Music Taylor Music Center 222 8326
Rotondi, Victoria A Arts Department Coordinator Music
Visual Arts
Theatre & Dance
Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 102 8344
Polsinelli, Michael A Director of Wellness/Asst Dir of Intramurals and Recreation Athletic Department Alumni Gym 219 8348
Connelly, Michael Supervisor of Structural Trades Facilities Services - Structural/Trades Campus Operations Center 8352
Baglio, David M Coordinator for Varsity Sports Services Athletic Department Achilles Center 101C 8364
Brinker, Brianne Assistant Director of Athletics-Facilities Athletic Department Achilles Center 108 8365
Ramasubramanian, Ashok Professor/Director of Assessment Mechanical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 201 8366
Lullo, Sheri A Associate Professor of Art History Visual Arts Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 306 8368
Gabelman, Daniel S Strength & Conditioning Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 000B 8371
Farley, Nathan M Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 8371
Witsoe, Jeffrey L Associate Professor Anthropology Lamont House 208 8376
Nelson Mukherjee, Erika M Associate Professor of German Modern Languages Karp Hall 102 8377
Bishop, Jennifer T Senior Lecturer Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 329 8378
Gallagher, Shawna M Associate Director, Affinity Programs College Relations
Annual Giving
Abbe Hall 307 8380