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Full Name Title Department Office Location Sort descending Room Phone Extension
Eason, Krista S Continuing Resources Specialist Schaffer Library Library 132 6637
Bush, Lindsay C Instructional Services Librarian/Assistant Librarian II Schaffer Library Library 105 6612
Eiffe, Mary H Head of Circulation & Reserve Schaffer Library Library 120 6627
Zaghloul, Raik A Head of Collection Development & Govt Docs/Associate Librarian Schaffer Library Library 122 6614
Grant, Katie J Library Specialist - Catologing & Digital Services Schaffer Library Library 132 6718
Mottalini, Sarah B Curatorial Assistant Mandeville Gallery Library 239 6318
Barkley, Leslee R Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Schaffer Library
Notary Public
Library 304 6277
Lueck, Joseph C Outreach and Reference Archivist/Librarian Schaffer Library Library
DiPasquale, Joanna J Director of Content & Digital Library Systems/Librarian Schaffer Library Library 308 6631
Guerrant, Mary T Visiting Assistant Professor Psychology
Gender, Sexuality & Women's St
Lippman 119 6782
Kenneally, Marcia B Administrative Assistant Economics
Lippman 221 6200/6292
Peterson, Brian J Associate Professor of History/Director of Africana Studies History Lippman 122 7044
Kuersteiner, Sarina C Assistant Professor History Lippman 103 6220
Brown Jr., Clifford W Robert Porter Patterson Professor of Government Political Science Lippman 223 6070
Song, Younghwan Professor Economics Lippman 121 8043
Hays, Bradley D Chair/Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 203 6227
Stablein, Timothy P Associate Professor Sociology Lippman 210 6712
Foroughi, Andrea R Associate Professor/Chair History Lippman 116 7109
Arora, Prateek Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 111 6200
Schmidt, Shelton S Chauncey H. Winters Professor of Economic Thought Economics Lippman 218 6218
Berk, Stephen M Henry & Sally Schaffer Professor of Holocaust & Jewish Studies History Lippman 222 6075
Schmidt, Stephen J Kenneth B Sharpe Professor Economics Lippman 209 6078
Rodriguez, Zachary Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 105
Lewis, Bradley G Professor Economics Lippman 220 6089
Hill Butler, Deidre Associate Professor Sociology Lippman 206 8070
Hislope, Robert Professor Political Science Lippman 102 7094
Aslakson, Kenneth R Associate Professor/Director of American Studies History Lippman 106 8794
Dallas, Mark P Associate Professor
Director of Asian Studies
Political Science Lippman 211 6361
Cheng, Dong John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 204 7067
Goldner, Melinda A Professor/Chair Sociology Lippman 217 6725
Dang, Alicia Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 213 6238
Sener, Fuat Professor Economics Lippman 216 7093
Dvorak, Tomas David and Beverly Yunich
Professor of Business Ethics
Economics Lippman 215 8016
Raeburn, Kaywana H Feigenbaum Assistant Professor of Behavioral Economics Economics Lippman 104 6879
Seri, Guillermina S Professor Political Science Lippman 113 6738
Cidam, Cigdem Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 107 6709
Davis, Lewis S Thomas Armstrong Professor Economics/Chair Economics Lippman 118 8395
Marso, Lori J Doris Zemurray Stone Professor of
Modern Literary & Historical Studies
Director of Africana Studies/Director of American Studies
Political Science Lippman 115 6626
Oxley, Zoe M Professor Political Science Lippman 226 6719
Morris, Andrew J Associate Professor History Lippman 108 8030
Kaplan, Ilene M Joseph C. Driscoll Professor of Sociology & Marine Policy Sociology Lippman 214 6230
Motahar, Eshragh Professor Economics Lippman 219 6065
Karadas, Ercan Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 207 6237
Abraham, Caroline E Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 224 6346
Walker, Mark W John Bigelow Professor of History/Chair Spring 22
Director of Science, Medicine and Technology in Culture
Director of General Education
History Lippman 114 6994
Thacker, Strom Professor Political Science Lippman 120 6929
Madancy, Joyce Professor History Lippman 109 6221
Patterson, Rose Visiting Assistant Professor Sociology Lippman 205 6727
Cotter, David Professor Sociology Lippman 225 6457
McGill, Laura S Administrative Assistant History
Political Science
Lippman 6220/6224