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Full Name Title Department Office Location Sort descending Room Phone Extension
de Seve, James A Senior Lecturer/Filmmaker in Residence Film Studies Karp Hall 208 6982
Osuna, Maritza M Senior Lecturer of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 206 6737
Mitchell, Jen Associate Professor of English/
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/
Mellon Leadership Fellow
English Karp Hall 108 6815
Batson, Charles R Florence B. Sherwood Professor of History and Culture Modern Languages Karp Hall 217 6021
Catharine, Debbie Administrative Assistant English
Lifelong Learning (UCALL)
Karp Hall 115 6231/6072
Lewin, Judith M Associate Professor/Chair English Karp Hall 113 6077
Mosquera, Daniel O Professor of Spanish
Posse Mentor
Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Modern Languages Karp Hall 218 6415
Wareh, Pattie Associate Professor English Karp Hall 201 6007
McAuliffe, Shena M Assistant Professor English Karp Hall 107 7042
Pease, Anastasia G Senior Lecturer English Karp Hall 109 6628
Li, FangBing Administrative Assistant Modern Languages Karp Hall 120 6211
Smith, Jordan F Edward E. Hale, Jr., Professor of English
Interim Chair W22
English Karp Hall 205 6573
Mueller, Steph Associate Professor Modern Languages Karp Hall 220 6763
Ricci Bell, Michele D Associate Professor of German/Chair Modern Languages Karp Hall 215 8057
Lynes, Katherine R Associate Professor English Karp Hall 202 8768
Murphy, Jillmarie William D. Williams Professor
Director of Interdisciplinary Programs
English Karp Hall 104 8796
Burkett, Andrew Professor of English
Director of Science, Technology and Society
Co-Director of the Templeton Institute
English Karp Hall 111 6119
Bidoshi, Kristin A Professor of Russian/
Director of Russian and East European Studies
Modern Languages Karp Hall 204 7105
Troxell, Jenelle M Chair/Associate Professor
Co-Director of Film Studies
English Karp Hall 210 6291
Garcia, William Professor of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 219 6500
Tuon, Bunkong Associate Professor/Director of Asian Studies English Karp Hall 216 6044
Mena, Erica S Visiting Assistant Professor English Karp Hall 110 6235
Ndiaye, Cheikh M Professor of French Modern Languages Karp Hall 211 8013
Garrido Garcia, Dolores Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Karp Hall 118 6365
Nelson Mukherjee, Erika M Associate Professor of German
Director of the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Study Program
Modern Languages Karp Hall 102 8377
Jenkins, Hugh Professor English Karp Hall 207 6209
Amodeo, Margie Coordinator, Kelly Adirondack Center Kelly Adirondack Center Kelly Adirondack Center 108 7000
Deangelis, Benjamin J Assistant Director of Community Engagement Community Outreach Kenney Community Center 201 6609
Spence, Erin M Program Coordinator
Community Engagement & Outreach
Community Outreach Kenney Community Center
Heider, Heather F Assistant Director of STEP Program Community Outreach Kenney Community Center 200 6943
Callaghan, Gregory J Assistant Professor Classics Lamont House 206 6376
Gazzarri, Tommaso Associate Professor Classics Lamont House 305 6389
Witsoe, Jeffrey L Associate Professor Anthropology Lamont House 208 8376
Brinkerhoff Young, Daniel W Visiting Assistant Professor Philosophy Lamont House 207
Patton, Thomas N Visiting Assistant Professor Religious Studies Lamont House 202 7182
Brison, Karen Roger Thayer Stone Professor of Anthropology/Chair Anthropology Lamont House 205 6673
Leavitt, Stephen C Professor Anthropology Lamont House 107 7172
Samet, Robert Associate Professor
Director of Latin America and Caribbean Studies
Anthropology Lamont House 301 6299
Cruz Tleugabulova, Maite Assistant Professor Philosophy Lamont House 103
Raucci, Stacie Frank Bailey Professor of Classics/Chair Classics Lamont House 303 6966
Bedford, Peter R John & Jane Wold Professor of Religious Studies/
Director of Religious Studies & Jewish Studies
Religious Studies Lamont House 302 8786
Friedell, David J Assistant Professor Philosophy Lamont House 209
Mueller, Hans-Friedrich O Thomas Lamont Professor of Ancient & Modern Literature Classics Lamont House 304 8748
Khan, Arsalan K Assistant Professor Anthropology Lamont House 306 6810
Scheiter, Krisanna M Associate Professor of Philosophy/Chair Philosophy Lamont House 307 6380
Bergamaschi Ganapini, Marianna Associate Professor Philosophy Lamont House 204 6812
Pelish, Leahanna J Administrative Assistant Anthropology
Religious Studies
Lamont House 106 6715/6376
Wegter-McNelly, Kirk M Dona and Marshall Robinson Assistant Professor
in Science, Philosophy and Religion
Religious Studies Lamont House 203 6214
Commito, Angela R Senior Lecturer Classics Lamont House 308 7186
Benegal, Salil D Joseph B. Board Assistant Professor
of Environmental Policy
Political Science Lippman Hall 202 7065