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Full Name Sort descending Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension
Geer, Debra S Sr. Director of Advancement Communications & Donor Relations College Relations
Donor Relations
Carriage House 203 6749
George, Kenneth R Web Director, Communications Communications & Marketing Silliman Hall 6432
Geraty Branch, Mike Communication System Operator/Officer Campus Safety Williams Center for Campus Community Safety 6911
Geren, Christine M Administrative Assistant Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 319 6241
Gergich, Timothy J Director of Research College Relations
Carriage House 204 8058
Ghaly, Ashraf Carl B Jansen Professor of Engineering/
Director of Engineering
Engineering Department F. W. Olin Center 102D 6515
Giemza, Mark F Senior Systems Administrator Information Technology Services Steinmetz Hall 132 6654
Gillikin, David P Professor/Chair Geosciences F. W. Olin Center 311 6679
Glasser, David G Director of Enrollment & Operations Admissions
Admissions Operations
Grant Hall 210 6561
Gleason, Colin L Visiting Assistant Professor Physics and Astronomy Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 133 6254
Glickman, Ross B Assistant Controller Financial Services McKean House 6463
Gmelch, George Professor Anthropology Lamont House 208
Gmelch, Sharon B Professor Anthropology Karp Hall 225
Goberdhan, Rita Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 6181
Goberdhan, Shrimattie CLEANER Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 6181
Godino, Marcel D Assistant Coach Men's Lacrosse Athletic Department Alumni Gym 6020
Goldner, Melinda A Professor/Chair Sociology Lippman Hall 217 6725
Golebiewski, Matthew S Processing & Records Management Librarian/Asst Librarian I Schaffer Library Library 6871
Gopaul, Seerannie Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 6181
Gorski, Stan Technology Coordinator Mechanical Engineering Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 217 6324
Gowan, Christen R Director of Digital & Content Strategies Communications & Marketing Silliman Hall 6748
Granberg Jr., Ron Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Rathskeller Rathskeller 6124
Gray, Emma Admissions Counselor Admissions Grant Hall 213 6590
Guerrant, Mary T Visiting Assistant Professor Psychology
Gender, Sexuality & Women's St
Lippman Hall 119 6782
Guerrero Ludena, Soledad M Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 6181
Guidi, Pam Executive Assistant to the President President's Office Armand & Donald Feigenbaum Hall 6101
Hamed, Ali M Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 218A 6341
Hanks, Susan D Director of Admissions for Programming & Partnerships Admissions Grant Hall 205 6769
Hanson, Helen M Associate Professor
Co-director of Bioengineering
Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 211 6741
Harbour, Molly E Associate Director of Alumni & Parent Engagement College Relations
Alumni & Parent Engagement
Abbe Hall 6568
Harchetts, Kelly A Head Field Hockey Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym 318 6508
Harlan, Robert W Engineering Lab Technician Engineering Machine Lab Engineering Lab 108 6269
Harrington, Shelly A Director of Accommodative Services Dean of Students
Accommodative Services
Library 222 6499
Harris Ph.D., David R President President's Office Armand & Donald Feigenbaum Hall 6101
Harris, Julie A Special Asst to the VP of Student Affairs
and Dean of Students
Dean of Students Reamer Campus Center 306 6116
Hart, Joshua J Professor Psychology Bailey Hall 302 6353
Hart, Julia H Landscape Specialist Facilities Services - Grounds Facilities Services 6181
Hassenpflug, Parker J Learning Environments Services Specialist Information Technology Services Steinmetz Hall 8721
Hathaway, Amy M Head of Access Services Schaffer Library Library 119 6632
Hatley, Jeffrey W Associate Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 206A 6163
Hauge, Joshua J Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 201 6570
Hayes, Katharine E Administrative Assistant Financial Aid Grant Hall 309 6123
Hays, Bradley D Chair/Associate Professor Political Science Lippman Hall 203 6227
Hays, Kelli-Anne Administrative Assistant - Hockey Athletic Department Achilles Center 107 6288
Heath, Damond M Sr Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement
Director of DEIB Initiatives
College Relations
Alumni & Parent Engagement
Abbe Hall 212 7115
Hedrick, James N Senior Lecturer Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 206 8027
Heider, Heather F Assistant Director of STEP Program Community Outreach Kenney Community Center Fl 2 6943
Henseler, Christine Professor of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 203 8021
Herrick, Joanne M Director of Payroll Financial Services McKean House 6105
Herron, Jordan T Course Materials Buyer/Supervisor Bookstore Reamer Campus Center 6701