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Full Name Sort descending Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension
Burns, Jessica M Registered Nurse Health Center Wicker Wellness Center 6120
Bush, Lindsay C Reference & Instruction Librarian/Assistant Librarian II Schaffer Library Library 105 6612
Bushey, Jenna M Associate Director of Payroll Financial Services McKean House 6533
Butler, Janice L Director of Budget, Planning and Analysis Financial Planning and Analysis 17 South Lane 6442
Byrd, Jennifer G Library Web Developer Schaffer Library Library 132 6063
Byun, Eugene Visiting Lecturer
Director of Music Performance
Music Taylor Music Center
Bzdell, Wally Assistant Director of Athletics - Sports Psychologist Athletic Department Alumni Gym
Calkins, Yvonne L Mail Clerk Central Mail Service Reamer Campus Center 6048
Callaghan, Gregory J Assistant Professor Classics Lamont House 206 6376
Callahan, Francesca C Director of Talent Acquisition & Career Advising Resources/
Chief Diversity Officer for Employee & Institutional Success
Human Resources College Park Hall S104 7043
Callanan, Will Enterprise Applications Developer Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 129 6650
Capriotti, Mateo D Men's Hockey Operations Coordinator Athletic Department Achilles Center 6570
Carlina, Jeff Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 6181
Carlton, Audrey E Assistant Director Financial Aid Grant Hall 303 6123
Carr, Travis M Inventory Supervisor Bookstore Reamer Campus Center 6731
Carrasco, Dionicio Custodian Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 6181
Carroll, Mary K Dwane W. Crichton Professor Chemistry Wold Center 124 6336
Caruso, Rochelle M Sr. Associate Director Career Center Becker Hall 6176
Cascio, Suzanne L Associate Director - Research College Relations
Carriage House 202 6791
Casper, Ginny Assistant Director International Programs
Notary Public
Old Chapel 309 7118
Cass, Aaron G Associate Professor Computer Science Steinmetz Hall 220 8051
Cassidy, Patrick F Systems & Discovery Librarian Schaffer Library Library 131 6621
Casso, David Landscape Specialist Facilities Services - Grounds Facilities Services 6181
Casso, Joseph C Boiler Monitor Facilities Services - Plumbing/Heating Facilities Services 6181
Castillo, Vernon M Sr. Associate Dean of Admissions Admissions Grant Hall 106 8719
Catharine, Debbie Administrative Assistant English
Lifelong Learning (UCALL)
Karp Hall 115 6231/6072
Cawley, Laurie Z Lecturer/Assistant Director of Dance Theater & Dance Henle Dance Pavilion 201 7034
Chamberlain, Molly M Head Coach Men and Women's Swimming & Diving
Aquatics Director
Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL102 8039
Chan, Abby X Dining Service Worker Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051
Chan, Amy X Dining Service Worker II Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051
Chandler, Chris Assistant Professor Music Taylor Music Center 208 7164
Chandler, JuJuan Cleaner Facilities Services - Cleaners Facilities Services 6181
Chatnik, Corinne J Digital Collections & Preservation Librarian Schaffer Library Library 129 6849
Chattopadhyay, Sohini Assistant Professor History Lippman Hall 107 6242
Chen, Suzie Controller Financial Services Armand & Donald Feigenbaum Hall 6471
Cheng, Dong John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor Economics Lippman Hall 204 7067
Chilcoat, Michelle Associate Professor in French/Co-Director of Film Studies Modern Languages 36 Union Avenue 201 7103
Childs Jr., Lennie Assistant Men's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 109 6571
Chiormitro, Dawn M Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051
Chu-LaGraff, Quynh Professor/Director of Neuroscience Biology Butterfield Hall 310 6724
Cidam, Cigdem Professor Political Science Lippman Hall 224 6709
Civitillo, Dominic Dining Service Worker Dining Services - West College West College 6540
Clark, Deborah A Dining Service Specialist Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6139
Clay, Lesly Y Director of Student Success Dean of Studies Old Chapel 201C 6493
Cocca, Joann H Administrative Assistant Dean of Students
Class Deans
Reamer Campus Center 303 8720
Coffey, Dena L Advancement Information Specialist College Relations
Advancement Information Services
69 Union Avenue 6647
Cognetta, Patricia M Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Dutch Hollow Reamer Campus Center 6051
Cohen, Brian D Senior Lecturer/Co-Director of Biochemistry Biology Wold Center 220 8018
Collier, Christopher J Assistant Men's & Women's
Cross Country & Track & Field Coach
Athletic Department Alumni Gym
Collins, Barry M Landscape Specialist Facilities Services - Grounds Facilities Services 6181