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Full Name Sort descending Title Department Office Location Room Phone Extension
Collins, Barry M Landscape Specialist Facilities Services - Grounds Campus Operations Center 6181
Commito, Angela R Lecturer Classics Lamont House 104 7186
Comper, Amelia S Residence Director Residential Life Reamer Campus Center 6117
Compositor, Corey R Officer Campus Safety Williams Center for Campus Community Safety 6911
Connelly, Colleen M Assistant Professor Chemistry Wold Center 218 6245
Connelly, Michael Supervisor of Structural Trades Facilities Services - Structural/Trades Campus Operations Center 8352
Connors, Anne C Registered Nurse Health Center Wicker Wellness Center 6120
Connors, Michelle M Head Softball Coach/Asst Equip Manager Athletic Department Alumni Gym 315 7120
Constantine, Thomas P Associate Director Campus Safety Williams Center for Campus Community Safety 6309
Conti, Joseph D College Arborist Facilities Services - Grounds Campus Operations Center 6181
Coons, Samantha C Sr Associate Director of Annual Giving College Relations
Annual Giving
Abbe Hall 309 6645
Cooper, Darren T Dining Service Specialist Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6140
Corbin, Jeffrey D Professor Biology Wold Center 119 6097
Corey III, Robert L Systems Administrator Information Technology Services Peschel Computer Center 131 6664
Cortez, Becky Professor/Chair
Director of Engineering
Co-director of Nanotechnology
Mechanical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 237 8784
Cosselman, Elizabeth A Senior AP Specialist Financial Services McKean House 6630
Cote, Edward Dining Service Lead Dining Services - West College West College 6357
Cotter, David Professor Sociology Lippman 225 6457
Cotter, Ruth A Assistant to the Dean of Studies Dean of Studies
Academic Affairs
Olin Building 210C 6234
Cotter, Shane F Horace E. Dodge III Associate Professor
of the Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Departme
Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 217 6274
Cox, Lorraine M Associate Professor of Art History/Chair Visual Arts -Studio Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 310 8038
Cramsie, John R Associate Professor History 36 Union Avenue 202 8779
Crary-Gracz, Jill Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletic Department Achilles Center 001B 6338
Crippen, Lamare C Dining Service Worker II Dining Services - West College West College 6540
Crosby, Karen L Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs Academic Affairs
Dean of the Faculty
Olin Building 210B 6530
Cruz Tleugabulova, Maite Assistant Professor Philosophy Lamont House 103
Cuccria, Saahil K Assistant Dean of Admissions Admissions Grant Hall 203 6585
Cullen, Caleb T HVAC Systems Technician Facilities Services - Plumbing/Heating Campus Operations Center 6181
Currey, Jennifer Associate Professor of Electrical, Computer and
Biomedical Engineering
Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 215 8783
Cusano, Domenick Dining Service Specialist Dining Services - West College West College 6540
Cutler, Todd D Chef Manager Dining Services - Upperclass Reamer Campus Center 6140
Czajka, Darcy A Vice President & Chief of Staff President's Office Armand & Donald Feigenbaum Hall 6101
D'Alessandris, Donald J Licensed Electrician/Emergency Power Specialist Facilities Services - Electricians Physical Plant 6181
D'Amario, Valerie K Director Lifelong Learning (UCALL) 36 Union Avenue 107 6675
D'Amelia, Mary A Director of Special Events, Conferences and Support Services Facilities Services - Office
Special Events & Conferences
Central Scheduling
Campus Operations Center 6085
Dagostino, Karen K Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator Dining Services - Office Reamer Campus Center 202 6424
Dallas, Mark P Associate Professor
Director of Asian Studies
Political Science Lippman 211 6361
Dang, Alicia Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 213 6238
Danowski, Barbara Professor Biology Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 321 6329/6296
Davey, Jill M Assistant Director Institutional Research 17 South Lane 6722
Davin, Katie Assistant Director Student Activities Reamer Campus Center 6118
Davis, Lewis S Thomas Armstrong Professor Economics/Chair Economics Lippman 118 8395
Davison, Gene E Engineering Assistant Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Integrated Science & Engineering Complex 161 6271
Davos, Jessica M Interim Head Lacrosse Coach Athletic Department Alumni Gym LL156 6040
Day, Michele E Clinician Counseling Center Wicker Wellness Center 6161
De Andrade Mariano, Phanuel Assistant Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 6972
de Seve, James A Senior Lecturer for Film Studies Film Studies Karp Hall 208 6982
DeBiase, Paul A Manager, Copy Center/Mail Services Central Mail Service
Copy Center
Reamer Campus Center 6130
DeBono, Kenneth G Gilbert R. Livingston Professor of Behavioral Science Psychology Bailey Hall 311A 6542
DeGeyter, Stephen V Sr Telecommunications Analyst Information Technology Services Steinmetz Hall 100 6411