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Full Name Title Department Office Location Sort ascending Room Phone Extension
Olson, Elizabeth J Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Geosciences Olin Building 310 6770
Hollocher, Kurt T Professor Geosciences Olin Building 314 6518
Piccirillo, Laura F Lab Technician Geosciences Olin Building 302 8343
Casper, Ginny Assistant Director International Programs
Notary Public
Old Chapel 309 7118
Meshkov, Varvara A Office Coordinator International Programs Old Chapel 303 6002
Evans, Lynn M Director of Fellowships And Doctoral Pathways Dean of Studies Old Chapel 201C 6643
Atkins, Lara Director International Programs Old Chapel 3 rd Floor 6002
Quinn, Patricia A Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Hale House Old Chapel 6132
Orzel, Rachel L Athletic Facilities Specialist Athletic Department Messa
Winter, Dianne L Bursar Financial Services McKean House 6039
Rapp, Becky Accounts Payable Specialist Financial Services McKean House 6534
Raucci, Stacy L Accounts Receivable Specialist Financial Services McKean House 6196
Novaro Jr., Joseph Procurement Associate Financial Services McKean House 7142
Buchan, Alicia M Controller Financial Services McKean House 6471
Stockman, Melinda I Assistant Bursar Financial Services McKean House 6106
Herrick, Joanne M Director of Payroll Financial Services McKean House 6105
Cosselman, Elizabeth A Senior AP Specialist Financial Services McKean House 6630
Ziegler, Caitlin A Assistant Controller Financial Services McKean House 6463
Bushey, Jenna M Assistant Director of Payroll Financial Services McKean House 6533
Madancy, Joyce Professor History Lippman 109 6221
Patterson, Rose Visiting Assistant Professor Sociology Lippman 205 6727
Abraham, Caroline E Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 224 6346
McGill, Laura S Administrative Assistant History
Political Science
Lippman 6220/6224
Rodriguez, Zachary Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 105
McGrath, Elena C Assistant Professor History Lippman 110 7127
Thacker, Strom Professor Political Science Lippman 120 6929
Foroughi, Andrea R Associate Professor/Chair History Lippman 116 7109
Kaplan, Ilene M Joseph C. Driscoll Professor of Sociology & Marine Policy Sociology Lippman 214 6230
Karadas, Ercan Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 207 6237
Brown Jr., Clifford W Robert Porter Patterson Professor of Government Political Science Lippman 223 6070
Peterson, Brian J Associate Professor of History/Director of Africana Studies History Lippman 122 7044
Dallas, Mark P Associate Professor
Director of Asian Studies
Political Science Lippman 211 6361
Song, Younghwan Professor Economics Lippman 121 8043
Dang, Alicia Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 213 6238
Kenneally, Marcia B Administrative Assistant Economics
Lippman 221 6200/6292
Stablein, Timothy P Associate Professor Sociology Lippman 210 6712
Dvorak, Tomas David and Beverly Yunich
Professor of Business Ethics
Economics Lippman 215 8016
Lewis, Bradley G Professor Economics Lippman 220 6089
Davis, Lewis S Thomas Armstrong Professor Economics/Chair Economics Lippman 118 8395
Berk, Stephen M Henry & Sally Schaffer Professor of Holocaust & Jewish Studies History Lippman 222 6075
Hays, Bradley D Chair/Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 203 6227
Schmidt, Shelton S Chauncey H. Winters Professor of Economic Thought Economics Lippman 218 6218
Cheng, Dong John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 204 7067
Schmidt, Stephen J Kenneth B Sharpe Professor Economics Lippman 209 6078
Aslakson, Kenneth R Associate Professor/Director of American Studies History Lippman 106 8794
Guerrant, Mary T Visiting Assistant Professor Psychology
Gender, Sexuality & Women's St
Lippman 119 6782
Kuersteiner, Sarina C Assistant Professor History Lippman 103 6220
Marso, Lori J Doris Zemurray Stone Professor of
Modern Literary & Historical Studies
Director of Africana Studies/Director of American Studies
Political Science Lippman 115 6626
Oxley, Zoe M Professor Political Science Lippman 226 6719
Cidam, Cigdem Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 107 6709