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Full Name Title Department Office Location Sort descending Room Phone Extension
Friedell, David J Assistant Professor Philosophy Lamont House
Mueller, Hans-Friedrich O Thomas Lamont Professor of Ancient & Modern Literature Classics Lamont House 304 8748
Khan, Arsalan K Assistant Professor Anthropology Lamont House 308 6810
Zaibert, Leonardo A William D Williams Professor of Philosophy/Chair Philosophy Lamont House 203 7185
Gmelch, George Professor Anthropology Lamont House 208
Byrd, Jennifer G Library Web Developer Schaffer Library Library 132 6063
Myers, John F Associate Librarian/Catalog & Metadata Librarian Schaffer Library Library 130 6623
Koonz, Peter J Head Acquisitions Srvcs & E-Resources Librarian Schaffer Library Library 128 6689
Ramnarine, Jeneza Stacks Manager Schaffer Library Library 6629
Lohnes, Julie C Director & Curator of Art Collections & Exhibitions Mandeville Gallery Library 212 8360
Fried, Rebecca I Digital Projects & Metadata Librarian Schaffer Library Library 132 6625
Fuller, David A Associate Librarian/Systems & Applications Librarian Schaffer Library Library 131 6621
Tennant, Sean A CLIR PostDoctoral Fellow in Data Curation Schaffer Library Library
Eason, Krista S Continuing Resources Specialist Schaffer Library Library 132 6637
Reed, Robyn M Head of Access Services/Associate Librarian Schaffer Library Library 309 6279
Johnson, Joseph M Director of Writing Programs Writing Center
Schaffer Library
Library 221 6680
Sartiaux, Audrey N Director Language Center
Modern Languages
Library 217 6216
Mirabile, Diana B Acquisitions Specialist Schaffer Library Library 132 6294
Eiffe, Mary H Head of Circulation & Reserve Schaffer Library Library 120 6627
Nistico, Jason L Circulation Supervisor Schaffer Library Library 118 6431/6280
Mazel, Adam M Digital Scholarship and Instruction Librarian Schaffer Library Library 6635
DesChamps, Marlaine J Archival Specialist Schaffer Library Library 332 6620
Grayburn, Jennifer N Director of Digital Scholarship and Public Services
Assistant Librarian I
Schaffer Library Library 309 6613
Biasiucci, Anna M Library Fund Accounting Specialist Schaffer Library Library 132 6639
DiPasquale, Joanna J Director of Content & Digital Library Systems/Librarian Schaffer Library Library 308 6631
Guadagno, Andrew S Late Night Circulation Supervisor Schaffer Library Library 6280
Schmidt, Sarah L Director of Special Collections & Archives/Librarian Schaffer Library Library 6616
Karadas, Ercan Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Library 203 6237
Barkley, Leslee R Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Schaffer Library
Notary Public
Library 304 6277
Rood, Gordon Resource Sharing Coordinator Schaffer Library Library 117 6282
Mottalini, Sarah B Curatorial Assistant Mandeville Gallery Library 239 6318
McGlauflin, Carol A Library Specialist - Collection Asst/Cataloging Schaffer Library Library 132 6718
Maloy, Frances J College Librarian Schaffer Library Library 310 6739
Bush, Lindsay C Instructional Services Librarian/Assistant Librarian II Schaffer Library Library 105 6612
Zaghloul, Raik A Head of Collection Development & Govt Docs/Associate Librarian Schaffer Library Library 122 6614
Goldner, Melinda A Professor/Chair Sociology Lippman 217 6725
Hays, Bradley D Chair/Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 203 6227
Siegel, David A Visiting Assistant Professor Political Science Lippman 120 7041
Lobe, Thomas Senior Lecturer Political Science Lippman 111 8740
Davis, Lewis S Thomas Armstrong Professor Economics/Chair Economics Lippman 118 8395
Peterson, Brian J Associate Professor of History/Director of Africana Studies History Lippman 122 7044
Aslakson, Kenneth R Associate Professor/Director of American Studies History Lippman 106 8794
Dvorak, Tomas Professor Economics Lippman 215 8016
Marso, Lori J Doris Zemurray Stone Professor of
Modern Literary & Historical Studies
Political Science Lippman 115 6626
Cheng, Dong Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 204 7067
Brown Jr., Clifford W Robert Porter Patterson Professor of Government Political Science Lippman 223 6070
Berk, Stephen M Henry & Sally Schaffer Professor of Holocaust & Jewish Studies History Lippman 222 6075
Abraham, Caroline E Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 213
Song, Younghwan Professor Economics Lippman 121 8043