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Full Name Title Department Office Location Sort descending Room Phone Extension
Madancy, Joyce Professor History Lippman 109 6221
Seri, Guillermina S Professor Political Science Lippman 113 6738
Foroughi, Andrea R Associate Professor/Chair History Lippman 116 7109
McGill, Laura S Administrative Assistant History
Political Science
Lippman 6220/6224
McGrath, Elena C Assistant Professor History Lippman 110 7127
Lewis, Bradley G Professor Economics Lippman 220 6089
Kenneally, Marcia B Administrative Assistant Economics
Lippman 221 6200/6292
Thacker, Strom Professor Political Science Lippman 120 6929
Abraham, Caroline E Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 224 6346
Peterson, Brian J Associate Professor of History/Director of Africana Studies History Lippman 122 7044
Brown Jr., Clifford W Robert Porter Patterson Professor of Government Political Science Lippman 223 6070
Dallas, Mark P Associate Professor
Director of Asian Studies
Political Science Lippman 211 6361
Dang, Alicia Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 213 6238
Dvorak, Tomas David and Beverly Yunich
Professor of Business Ethics
Economics Lippman 215 8016
Novaro Jr., Joseph Procurement Associate Financial Services McKean House 7142
Raucci, Stacy L Accounts Receivable Specialist Financial Services McKean House 6196
Herrick, Joanne M Director of Payroll Financial Services McKean House 6105
Winter, Dianne L Bursar Financial Services McKean House 6039
Cosselman, Elizabeth A Senior AP Specialist Financial Services McKean House 6630
Stockman, Melinda I Assistant Bursar Financial Services McKean House 6106
Bushey, Jenna M Assistant Director of Payroll Financial Services McKean House 6533
Rapp, Becky Accounts Payable Specialist Financial Services McKean House 6534
Sartiaux, Audrey N Director Language Center
Modern Languages
Old Chapel 312 6216
Quinn, Patricia A Dining Service Lead Dining Services - Hale House Old Chapel 6132
Jordan, Thomas P Director of Scholars Program and
Academic Advising & Enrichment
Dean of Studies Old Chapel 201A 7116
Atkins, Lara Director International Programs Old Chapel 3 rd Floor 6002
Meshkov, Varvara A Office Coordinator International Programs Old Chapel 303 6002
Casper, Ginny Assistant Director International Programs
Notary Public
Old Chapel 309 7118
Clay, Lesly Y Director of Student Success Dean of Studies Old Chapel 201C 6493
Verheyden-Gillikin, Anouk Senior Lecturer Geosciences Olin Building 316 8754
Belmont, Cole M Director of Makerspace Consortium Academic Affairs Olin Building 102C 7163
Poczik, Philip L Director Academic Opportunity Program Olin Building 112A 6522
Bruno, A. Sabrina Assistant to the Directors Health Professions
Dean of Studies
Olin Building 110 6300
Manon, Matthew R Lecturer Geosciences Olin Building 312 8015
Tong, Emily Assistant to Dean of Academic Departments and Programs Dean-Academic Departments/Programs Olin Building 210 6233
Olson, Elizabeth J Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Geosciences Olin Building 310 6770
Stahl, Mason O James M. Kenney Asst Professor of Environmental Engineering Geosciences Olin Building 102A 6942
Angley, Christine M Administrative Assistant Geosciences Olin Building 310 6770
Osborn, Michelle A Dean of Studies
Director of Advising
Dean of Studies Olin Building 210 6234
Garrand, Sara A Administrative Assistant Dean-Academic Departments/Programs Olin Building 210A 6056
Piccirillo, Laura F Lab Technician Geosciences Olin Building 302 8343
Garver, John I Professor Geosciences Olin Building 317 6517
Cotter, Ruth A Assistant to the Dean of Studies Dean of Studies
Academic Affairs
Olin Building 210C 6234
Fitzgerald, Joanne W Director of Leadership In Medicine & Combined Health Degree Pgm Health Professions
Dean of Studies
Olin Building 110A 6836
Weisse, Carol S Ronald M. Obenzinger Professor of Psychology
Director of Health Professions Program
Health Professions
Dean of Studies
Olin Building 110C 6521
Hollocher, Kurt T Professor Geosciences Olin Building 314 6518
Mundell, Hailey N Technician Geosciences Olin Building 226 6519
Rodbell, Donald T John and Jane Wold Professor Geosciences Olin Building 315 6034
Senneca, Christopher M Laboratory Specialist Chemistry Olin Building 202A 6980
Kennedy, Sam Administrative Assistant Academic Affairs Olin Building 210B 6530