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Full Name Title Department Office Location Room Sort descending Phone Extension
Pitera, Jenna L Instruction Librarian/Assistant Librarian I Schaffer Library Library 202 6635
Lynes, Katherine R Associate Professor English Karp Hall 202 8768
Cascio, Suzanne L Associate Director - Research College Relations
Carriage House 202 6791
Murphy Stein, Devon A Senior Major Gift Officer College Relations
Major Gifts
Carriage House 202 6167
DeSieno, Katherine Sr. Associate Dean of Admissions &
Coordinator of Admissions Communications
Admissions Grant Hall 202 6768
Cramsie, John R Professor History 36 Union Avenue 202 8779
Bruno, Bradford A Professor Mechanical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 202 6322
Sciba, Joshua J Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 202 6771
Archambault, Wayne Office Assistant Dining Services - Office Reamer Campus Center 202 6009
Patton, Thomas N Visiting Assistant Professor Religious Studies Lamont House 202
Higgins, Joanne Administrative Assistant Mathematics Bailey Hall 202 6246
Gagliardi, Carol L Operations Director Dining Services - Office Reamer Campus Center 202A 6487
Senneca, Christopher M Laboratory Specialist Chemistry Olin Building 202A 6980
Wegter-McNelly, Kirk M Dona and Marshall Robinson Assistant Professor
in Science, Philosophy and Religion
Religious Studies Lamont House 203 6214
Geer, Debra S Sr. Director of Advancement Communications & Donor Relations College Relations
Donor Relations
Carriage House 203 6749
Hays, Bradley D Chair/Associate Professor Political Science Lippman 203 6227
Cuccria, Saahil K Assistant Dean of Admissions Admissions Grant Hall 203 6585
Ardito, Christopher M Assistant Women's Ice Hockey Coach Athletic Department Achilles Center 203 6501
Henseler, Christine Professor of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 203 8021
Montoya, Elena Assistant Dean Admissions Grant Hall 204 6583
Bergamaschi Ganapini, Marianna Assistant Professor Philosophy Lamont House 204 6812
Gergich, Timothy J Director of Research College Relations
Carriage House 204 8058
Bidoshi, Kristin A Professor of Russian/
Director of Russian and East European Studies
Modern Languages Karp Hall 204 7105
Cheng, Dong John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 204 7067
Olsen, Timothy Professor of Music/Director of Jazz Ensemble Music Taylor Music Center 204 6563
Smith, Jordan F Edward E. Hale, Jr., Professor of English
Interim Chair W22
English Karp Hall 205 6573
Patterson, Rose Visiting Assistant Professor Sociology Lippman 205 6727
Brison, Karen Roger Thayer Stone Professor of Anthropology/Chair Anthropology Lamont House 205 6673
Hanks, Susan D Director of Admissions for Programming & Partnerships Admissions Grant Hall 205 6769
Osuna, Maritza M Senior Lecturer of Spanish Modern Languages Karp Hall 206 6737
Brown, Ann Fleming Director of Admissions for Evaluation Admissions Grant Hall 206 6581
Callaghan, Gregory J Assistant Professor Classics Lamont House 206 6376
Culora, Alexandria K Donor Relations Coordinator College Relations
Donor Relations
Abbe Hall 206
Hedrick, James N Senior Lecturer Electrical, Computer & Biomedical Engineering Steinmetz Hall 206 8027
Hill Butler Ph.D., Deidre Associate Professor Sociology Lippman 206 8070
Hatley, Jeffrey W Assistant Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 206A 6163
Malen, Gregory S Visiting Assistant Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 206B 6983
Karadas, Ercan Visiting Assistant Professor Economics Lippman 207 6237
Rava, Scott P Assistant Vice President & Campaign Director College Relations
Principal Gifts
Abbe Hall 207 6481
Jenkins, Hugh Professor English Karp Hall 207 6209
Schlueter, TJ Visiting Assistant Professor Computer Science Steinmetz Hall 207 6270
Bodd, Drew Lecturer Yulman Theatre 208 6742
de Seve, James A Senior Lecturer/Filmmaker in Residence Film Studies Karp Hall 208 6982
Striegnitz, Kristina I Associate Professor/Co-Director of Digital Media Computer Science Steinmetz Hall 208 6554
Chandler, Christopher E Assistant Professor Music Taylor Music Center 208 7164
Witsoe, Jeffrey L Associate Professor Anthropology Lamont House 208 8376
Gmelch, George Professor Anthropology Lamont House 208
Ogawa, David C Associate Professor of Art History/
Co-Director of Digital Media
Visual Arts Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 208 7095
Jauregui, Jeffrey L Associate Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 208A 6710
Cervone, Davide P Professor Mathematics Bailey Hall 208B 6557