Welcome to the Union College APPvisor for the Common Curriculum.

The Current Term Index allows you to search Spring 2014 courses by Common Curriculum requirement, Department or Interdisciplinary Program.

With the Common Curriculum Search you can search the Spring 2014 schedule for courses that help you fulfil particular requirements. You can search by Common Curriculum requirements, such as QMR/Quantitative and Mathematical Reasoning, SCLB Science with Lab or any of the other Common Curriculum requirements on the drop-down list.

The cluster requirement has been eliminated for all students graduating after 1 July 2013.  For reference purposes, the "Historical Cluster List" will remain on the APPvisor website for the 2013-2014 academic year.

If you have any questions, please use the "Contact Us" form. Please use the drop down menu on the Contact form to specify whether you have a General Question about the Common Curriculum or a Technical Question concerning website operation.

Powered by Union

“Powered by Union” is a crowd-voting platform designed for Christine Henseler’s “Entrepreneurship & Digital Media” class. The platform allows students to post their creative entrepreneurial plans, to engage in a collaborative peer-review process, and to give the Union College campus community the opportunity to vote on their favorite projects.