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Course # Title Term Instructor Common Curriculum Interdisciplinary Programs Departments Petition Credits Total Students Capacity
TAB-342T-01 Cordoba: Religion & Tech. 19/FA Mosquera, Daniel, Mueller, Hans-Friedrich LCC Languages & Cultures, WAC Writing Across Curriculum Religious Studies Term Abroad N 1.00 28 15
TAB-344T-01 Ancient&Modern Egypt Miniterm 19/FA Ghaly, Ashraf LCC Languages & Cultures Africana Studies Term Abroad N 1.00 42 20
TAB-350T-01 Australian Studies 19/FA Staff, Tab HUM Arts & Humanities, SOCS Social Science Biology N 1.00 13 25
TAB-368T-01 Alexander ToTheComing of Rome 19/FA Staff, Tab Term Abroad N 1.00 4 15
TAB-494T-01 Internship 19/FA Meade, Teresa Term Abroad N 1.00 8 20